What does a vinyl pool cost?

From $55k and up

and that includes installation!


A vinyl swimming pool has a pool liner that is fabricated using multiple sheets of vinyl seamed together. The material is specifically designed and hand-tailored to cover the floors and walls.

Pool Liner Patterns


• Lowest up-front cost

• Customizable

• Low maintenance

• Fast installation

• Pleasing silky-smooth texture that prevents painful cuts or scrapes.

• Retains water and prevents leakage that could seriously damage the pool or surrounding area.

• Available in a huge variety of colors and patterns

• Steel panels that reduce potential warping and bowing


• Liners can wear out and need replacing every 5–7 years

• Higher lifetime costs compared with fiberglass

• Slightly more susceptible to algae growth than fiberglass

• Susceptible to wrinkles

• Susceptible to facing, especially along waterline

• Susceptibleto punctures and leaks

Lowest Up-Front Option. Low Maintenance. Fast Installation.

Vinyl Liner Pool Shapes

UltraSeam® Liner Technology

Standard swimming pool liners present visible lines on the pool floor at the seams that can detract from the pool's beauty. Latham is one of the only swimming pool liner companies that offers innovative Ultra-Seam®. This technology elevates our liners to an entirely new category. Our floor seams are stronger and virtually invisible, so there’s nothing that gets in the way of the picture-perfect beauty of your pool! Ultra-Seam is now standard on every Latham Liner.

Pool Liner Patterns