If you would like to save money and have the time and skills, we can guide you through the process.


  • Cheaper that hiring any pool contractor by about 15 to 30%.

  • You can choose a standard vinyl or fiberglass shape.

  • Since you’re not subject to a pool contractor’s schedule, you can often blow by a busy builder’s schedule and finish before they’d even get around to starting your pool.


  • All legal issues are your responsibility.

  • You provide all the labor such as digging the hole, etc.

  • You must provide your own tools and building materials.

  • You must find your subcontractors.

Save money. Fast install. 

Want to build your own pool?

We can turn you into a swimming pool contractor! Well, not really…you must have the right training, licenses and credentials, if you wanted to build pools professionally.


But did you know that in the State of Utah, you are allowed to be your own general contractor and build your own pool?


If you are the do-it-yourself type, have the time, tools and desire, then you might be the right person to build your own pool.


All you have to do is follow our simple system and you will become a pro!

Labor. You must either do the labor, find subcontractors to do it, or hire us to help with it. If you choose to have us assist in any portion of your project, our builder assist program will be subject to availability. The greater advance notice you can give us the better. We suggest that you evaluate the step by step instructions for how to build your pool, then determine what you think you’ll need help with the most, then schedule us well in advance.

Permits. You must obtain your city permits after we give you the permit-approved plans.

Project management. We do not come to the site unless you need a little extra help. You are the general contractor.

Project bidding. You control who comes and works in your yard.

Not Included:

For one flat fee of

$8k to $50k

We offer you the following:

Custom or standard designs

You can choose one of our vinyl or fiberglass shapes.

Instructions on how to

We give you step by step instructions.

No surprise invoices

The flat fee of $1,000 to $5,000 depends on the size of pool, material (vinyl, fiberglass,) and other factors. We can give you a free estimate over the phone.

Subcontractors directory

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We offer you phone support but not in-person visits, unless you prefer to hire us for a specific portion of your project.

Permit-approved plans

We provide engineered plans approved by your city to start your pool.


Make sure you know Utah laws

According to the Utah code, a “(25) ‘Private Residential Pool’ means a swimming pool, spa pool or wading pool used only by an individual, family, or living unit members and guests, but not serving any type of multiple unit housing complex of four or more living units.” (See


Do not build your own pool in Utah until you understand the laws and regulations of residential pools. Here is one source:


Please make sure you follow all local and state laws. Tops Pools will not be legally responsible for any code violation.

Why does Tops Pools offer a DIY option?

We are general contractors who specialize in building in-ground pools, both residential and commercial, from the start to finish.


We are offering you this do-it-yourself option because we realize you might have the time, tools and desire to save money doing it yourself. It is a win-win arrangement.